Our Mission:

Recruit. Train. Resource.

We seek to enhance the effectiveness of youth ministry in Memphis by providing organizations and aspiring youth workers with both financial resources and interactive training opportunities. 

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The mission 

SOUL’s goal is to take individuals who are called to minister the Gospel to youth and to equip them to become stakeholders in the neighborhood that they are serving. As a result, we hope our efforts promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that reaches the youth of our communities, allows our neighborhoods to thrive, and transform our city in a way that glorifies God.

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Features Overview


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SOUL Fellows program

Our Fellows program seeks to invest in new youth leaders through developing relationships and providing in-depth training over the course of two years. During this training process, Fellows are hired as full-time youth outreach workers at local ministries. Our hope is that Fellows continue serving the ministry even after completion of the training program.

Since 2014, we have had over 35 leaders to complete our training program, and while the average youth worker only completes 1.8 years of ministry, we have had over 75% of our Fellows exceed that time. Our goal is to provide excellent training and support in order to encourage longevity in outreach ministry for the sake of youth, families, and the community.


SOUL internship program

Our Internship Program seeks to provide college seniors and/or recent college graduates with an opportunity to learn the basic elements and philosophies of gospel- centered evangelism to young people in under-resourced neighborhoods.

Interns are placed at ministries on a part time basis while attending monthly training sessions with the SOUL staff. At the end of the internship, it is our desire that participants be eligible to enter into the SOUL Fellows program, working full-time as a youth outreach worker.


soul forum 

The SOUL Forums seek to equip, connect and encourage youth professionals in Memphis. Occurring every six weeks, SOUL seeks to serve the greater community of youth professionals (youth outreach workers, teachers, and church youth leaders) by providing FREE training opportunities as well as connection and community.